Public collaboration

Accelerate digitalisation by joining forces

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Not only companies, but also public institutions and organisations benefit from a digital transformation. Public-private partnerships can stimulate the digitalisation of Belgium.


We want to inspire the top management of public institutions with Go & See sessions with Belgian digital leaders. That way, they learn from companies that have successfully implemented the digital transformation and are reaping the full benefits of it.

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We want to encourage the government to develop projects that facilitate the digital transformation.

Our ambition is to identify 3 projects where we can bring together industry and public sector players.


Paul Danneels

CTO, Fednot

Barbara Van Den Haute

Administrator General, Digital Flanders

Stephane Coppens

Coordinator, Sandbox Flanders

Ruben Schaubroek - Senior Partner, McKinsey - Fastfwd Belgium

Stefan Dierckx

CEO, Projective & Exellys