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A successful digital transformation is only possible if you know where you are and where you want to go. With the Digital Maturity Scan we want to help companies determine where they are in their digital transformation process.


The Digital Maturity Scan uses McKinsey's Digital Quotient model. By means of a survey, we gauge the digital maturity of your organisation.

In September, you will receive an individual report with a benchmark compared to other companies in your own sector and other sectors, the digital leaders and the Belgian average. You will also find out what your strengths and working points are to make your digital transformation a success.

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Our ambition is to provide at least 200 Belgian companies with a detailed report on their current digital status and their working points.

In September 2021, we will publish a general report on the digital status of Belgian companies.

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Ruben Schaubroeck

Senior Partner, McKinsey

Tom Pluym

Partner, McKinsey

Jeroen Vanderstukken

Engagement Manager, McKinsey

Peter De Keyzer

Managing Partner, Growth Inc.

Stefan Dierckx

CEO, Projective & Exellys