Digital leadership

Digital transformation starts from the top

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Every change starts at the top. The idea of ​​digital transformation must be actively supported and driven by the Board of Directors.

A digital mindset and corporate culture are the key to a successful digital transformation.


We want those responsible to understand the benefits of digitalisation for the business and see that concrete actions are put in place to implement the digital transformation.

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Our ambition is to put technology and digitalisation on the agenda of the Board of Directors. Both in large and small companies.


Sabine Everaet

CIO EMEA, Coca-Cola

Steven De Haes

Dean, Antwerp Management School

Abigail Levrau

Member Mgmt Committee, Guberna

Jocelyn Darbroudi

CIO, Securex

Ruben Schaubroek - Senior Partner, McKinsey - Fastfwd Belgium

Stefan Dierckx

CEO, Projective & Exellys

Saartje Verbeke

Lifelong Learning Manager, Guberna