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Odoo: the magic of efficient digitalisation

When it comes to digitalisation, Odoo is a pioneer Odoo has been on the road since2007, although it has not always gone so smoothly. After many ups and downs, they even came close to bankruptcy, until they completely changed their business model in 2016. That's when they started focusing on selling software instead of providing services and achieved what they call a 'hockey stick growth'.

We believe Odoo isn’t as well-known as it deserves to be (yet). CEO Fabien Pinckaers started out in his dorm room and managed to leverage providing open source (so free) software into a world-renowned tech company worth over 2 billion euros. And this is only the beginning.  

A Belgian company to be proud of.

Foster efficiency through digitalization

During the Fastfwd Go & See session on 17 February, Odoo's senior management shared some examples of how their tools can help foster efficiency. These are examples taken from their own operations, so imagine what that kind of thinking can do for your company.   

  • They built a tool which allows resellers of their software to make up detailed pricing offers without interference from Odoo. That way they generate 650 sales every day without their own employees having to lift a finger.
  • Odoo hosts 400 events every year in 150 countries. You think they have an enormous event-planning crew for this? Wrong! There are only 6 people involved in this planning. How? By creating a scalable concept and staying hyper focused.  
  • In 2020, 3 recruiters hired 200 new employees. Last year, 6 recruiters hired 400 new talents. This year, they are aiming for 800 new hires. With hardly any manual paperwork! New employees can put together their own salary package online and this is automatically put into a contract. Just sign online and count down to the first day of work. 

8 key takeaways to remember

We know what you're thinking: 'OK, so these people are smart entrepreneurs. What's in it for me? Well, during their Go & See session, Odoo shared some key points from their growth journey. We're happy to pass these tips on to you.

But before we do, let us take a moment to say that we are overflowing with inspiration after meeting this 'digital champion'. Would you like to be just as inspired? Then come to one of our upcoming Go & See sessions. It's free, but places are limited!

  1. Learn to say no in order to keep your focus.
  2. Standardization is not a dirty word: it keeps things clear and helps you grow.
  3. If you want the whole team on board with your decisions, be open and transparent in your communication.
  4. The interior and atmosphere of your office building are more important than a top location. (Odoo has a roof terrace, a full-time cook and a shuttle service to take you home after an office party!) 
  5. Find fun ways to keep your employees close and involved (such as regular parties, a chef or free kickboxing sessions). 
  6. After working remotely for almost 2 years, it’s important for the team spirit to insist on days in the office so the whole team can come together, bond and bounce energy off one another.
  7. Never underestimate the importance of personal development & offer plenty of learning opportunities. 
  8. Use the power of your network: that of the group as a whole and of everyone in it individually. 
  9. Hire for attitude, train for skill: in hiring new talent the right mindset exceeds the skills people have.  

About Odoo 

Odoo has offices all over the world and currently employs over 2.000 people. They work with more than 4.100 partners in 175 countries across the globe. They are proud of their 7 million happy users, which makes them the most frequently installed business software in the world.  

What distinguishes Odoo? They understand that the first step to efficiency lies in smart digitalization. They offer apps that seamlessly communicate and integrate with each other, giving you the ultimate all-in-one solution for all your business needs. What makes them even more fascinating is that 80% of their offered apps are 100% free. The others are available via a monthly subscription at a fraction of the price of Microsoft or SAP. 

Whether it's tools to boost your sales, integrate services, make your business easier, build beautiful websites, improve your marketing or keep an eye on your finances: Odoo offers apps for all these and many other purposes. Odoo apps are extremely user-friendly and come together as a software solution tailored to your needs, so you can quickly work a lot more efficiently. 

Regret that you missed this Go & See session? Don't worry, we have many more digital pioneers in store to inspire you. Check them out here and register for free!

See you soon?

Stefan Dierckx
CEO, Projective & Exellys

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